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Dr Jan Telensky explains the new developments within his nationwide construction company in the UK

Dr Jan Telensky, majority owner of AquaCity Poprad, explains the new developments within his nationwide construction company in the UK

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How a college is teaching the Government a thing or two about giving people a hand on to the property ladder
A new initiative to get young people into their first homes is set to eclipse Britain’s ailing Rent to Buy scheme.
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Daily Express 16 November 2017

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Hats off as Tommy Walsh tells of building revolution

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Floating your boaters as trades students rebuild town’s hat history

A GROUP of construction students have completed work on an abandoned Luton hat factory   under a revolutionary training scheme backed by celebrity builder Tommy Walsh. Engineering Real Results, the largest trades training organisation in the UK, has spent months buying up neglected and derelict properties in various parts of the UK in a multi-million pound […] Read More →

Dr Jan Telensky Key Note Speaker

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Dr Jan Telensky complimented by Tommy Walsh

Celebrity TV builder Tommy Walsh compliments Dr Jan Telensky for his New Vocational Quickstart project enabling would-be trades people to qualify for their NVQ in a fraction of the normal time. Here what Tommy Walsh say, but of more importance … Continue reading Read More →

UK Nation Wide NVQ

Dr Jan Telensky has launched a UK nationwide initiate enabling British based trades people to fast track through their qualifications in plumbing, electrical, heating, gas etc. The opening of the first set of properties, totally refurbished by the NVQ students, … Continue reading Read More →